What is “Who Built Bryn Mawr?”

Who Built Bryn Mawr? is an ongoing project that supports research and curatorial opportunities for students interested in changing the way the College understands its history.

Over its 135+ years, the College has been sustained by countless individuals — not just the presidents, trustees, and donors memorialized on campus. Who are the people whose contributions have been forgotten, or too long overlooked? How can we tell their stories? How can we commemorate them? 

Launched in 2021, this collective research project aims to recognize the wide range of alumnae/i, faculty, and staff who have made important contributions to building Bryn Mawr. This is only the beginning of a much larger project. The College is committed to this collective effort to change the way we understand our history.

The exhibition Why Build Bryn Mawr: A Rough Draft in Stone, 1872-1894 marks the third phase of Who Built Bryn Mawr?